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KETO Superfood Breakfast Box - Variety Box (5 or 10 pack)

KETO Superfood Breakfast Box - Variety Box (5 or 10 pack)

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Less than 4.9g of carbs per serve!

To serve: just add your favourite low-carb milk, cream or yoghurt to our convenient pre-portioned pouches. 

Our top-selling Keto Superfood Breakfast Variety Box includes pre-portioned pouches to make 5 delicious Superfood Breakfast Bowls:

Low Carb. Vegan. Dairy Free. Gluten Free. Soy Free. GMO free. Refined Sugar Free.

Here's why you'll love our KETO VARIETY Superfood Breakfast Box:

  • Pre-portioned for healthy portion control with less than 5g of crabs per serve
  • Ready in 90 seconds
  • Enjoy an instant bircher muesli - just add your favourite low-carb milk, cream or yoghurt
  • Crafted in New Zealand from the world's most nutrient-dense organic superfoods
  • Blended with locally sourced keto-friendly freeze-dried berries 
  • 100% plant-based
  • No added sweeteners, flavours, colours, preservatives, thickeners or funny business

Every Superfood Breakfast from Craft Breakfast includes a wholefood source of:

  • Dietary fibre to support a healthy gut
  • Essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health
  • Antioxidants to facilitate optimal immune function
  • Plant-based protein and healthy fats for sustained energy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Finally something high satiety!

I've been struggling to find something in the morning to get me through the first few hours of the day without having to snack (especially after a morning workout). I tried these pouches and was amazed at how long they kept me full. Plus, they are very tasty (favourite is the Strawberry one) and super easy. I usually work out in the AM and eat at work and these are so easy to just throw in the bag in the morning. Highly recommend.


It was tasty and being diabetic it's nice to find a low carb breakfast option but being on a lower income- it's just too expensive. Especially when you have to add your own milk and fruit into it- I don't know what I expected but when I opened up the box and found 5 little sachets that worked out to be roughly $10 each, I was a little disappointed. That being said, if I had more disposable income or the product was cheaper, I would totally be a regular customer because they were delicious!