Best Keto Breakfast Ideas: Easy Inspiration For A Low Carb Breakfast

Best Keto Breakfast Ideas: Easy Inspiration For A Low Carb Breakfast

Best Keto Breakfast Ideas


If you're following a keto diet and looking for easy keto breakfast ideas or if you're wanting to add more variety to your diet by experimenting with keto breakfast recipes, you're in the right place!

We've created this go-to keto breakfast guide for anyone looking to change up their breakfast routine and enhance their intake of essential vitamins and minerals with keto foods.

Regardless of whether you're sticking to a keto diet plan or just searching for healthy breakfast ideas, everyone can benefit from adding more variety to their diet.

Why is variety key? There are numerous health benefits associated with a diet that's rich in a wide variety of plant-based whole foods, including improved gut health which is a key contributor to overall health and vitality. 

So this guide is dedicated to inspiring you with simple keto breakfast recipes to make it easier to integrate more keto-friendly, plant-based ingredients into your diet.

Know what you're looking for? Skip to one of the following sections:

1. Best ingredients for the perfect keto breakfast

2. Lazy keto breakfast

3. Keto breakfast on the go

4. Keto breakfast without eggs

5. Keto breakfast cereal

6. Keto breakfast smoothie

6. Keto breakfast sandwich

Just want to know where you can find the easiest keto breakfast ideas? Check out our these quick and super convenient low carb breakfast options which you can get delivered to your door:

1. Best ingredients for the perfect keto breakfast

Best Ingredients For A Keto Breakfast

It's a common misconception that a keto breakfast is typically low in fibre and usually consists of just meat and eggs.

We're here to introduce you to alternative options so you can still enjoy a high-fibre keto breakfast that's vegan-friendly and packed with a diverse range of plant-based nutrients.

The perfect plant-based keto breakfast consists of four simple components:

  • Whole food source of protein: nuts or nut butter, seeds like hemp seeds
  • Satisfying source of nutrient-dense fats: avocado, nuts or nut butter, seeds, coconut
  • Plenty of fibre: low-carb fruit like berries, coconut, ground linseed, nuts (like almonds), seeds (like hemp, chia or ground linseed), greens, mushrooms or any low-carb vegetables
  • As many colours as possible: plant-based foods that are high in dietary fibre help to feed the ‘good’ bacteria in your gut and if you eat a diverse range of colourful plant foods, it’ll be better for your gut health

The key to sourcing the best ingredients for the perfect keto breakfast is opting for whole foods over processed alternatives. For example, if you're wanting to add almond milk to your keto breakfast, it's very difficult to find a low-carb option in the supermarket but you can make your own at home by soaking whole nuts overnight and following a simple keto almond milk recipe. For an easier option, our Organic Keto Almond Milk is made from the same ingredients you would use if you were making almond milk at home - only organic almonds, water and sea salt with no sweeteners, preservatives, thickeners or other additives.

2. Lazy keto breakfast

Keto Superfood Smoothie Box

For a lazy keto breakfast that will take the hassle out of meal planning and carb counting, explore our Instant Keto Superfood Breakfast Pouches. Just add your favourite low-carb milk, cream or yoghurt to our pre-portioned pouches and you're good to go! You can choose from 5 unique keto breakfast blends or sample the full range with our Keto Superfood Breakfast Variety Box

You can also try out our Keto Superfood Smoothie Box which comes with weekly recipes and all the ingredients you need to master low-carb smoothies at home. This includes pre-portioned superfood blends and low-carb seasonal produce, as well as low-carb organic almond milk and coconut milk, and nut butter sachets.

3. Keto breakfast on the go

Keto Breakfast On The Go

If you're short on time in the morning and need some grab-and-go breakfast ideas, you don't have settle for highly-processed breakfast products. There are quick breakfast options that you can make at home and carry with you.

Try these ideas for a healthy keto breakfast on the go:

  • Keto breakfast smoothie: Blend your low-carb smoothie at home and transfer to a glass jar or insulated cup for a portable option to enjoy on the go
  • Keto breakfast sandwich: Grab some keto-friendly bread and top with your favourtie low-carb fillings (avocado, greens, sprouts, dukkah, tomato)
  • Keto bircher muesli: Just add any Superfood Breakfast Pouch from Craft Breakfast with milk to a jar, shake and you're good to go! 
  • Keto breakfast muffin: Prepare a batch of low-carb muffins in advance and either store in the freezer or fridge (depending on how fast you'll get through them). Keto blueberry muffins are a good option or you could experiment with savoury variations too
  • Keto mini frittatas: If you're eating eggs, making frittatas in muffin cases with low-carb ingredients like mushrooms, spinach, onion, olives and zucchini is a satisfying savoury breakfast idea for low-carb diets

4. Keto breakfast without eggs

Keto Breakfast Without Eggs

There are plenty of low-carb breakfast ideas that don't involve eggs - here are some of our favourites:

  • Keto smoothie: Need recipe inspiration for making keto smoothies? Check out the Keto Superfood Smoothie Box which includes 5 recipes and all the ingredients you need to make low-carb smoothies at home
  • Keto porridge: Try substituting oats for a base of ground almonds with Craft Breakfast's convenient pouches
  • Smashed avocado on keto toast: When you find a good quality keto bread, you can't go past avocado on toast for a quick low-carb breakfast
  • Keto breakfast Buddha bowl: On a base of cauliflower rice, top with avocado sprinkled with hemp seeds, sautéed mushrooms and spinach, sprouts and toasted nuts and seeds

5. Keto breakfast cereal

Keto Breakfast Cereal

The problem with most keto cereals or low-carb breakfast products is that there's almost always added flavours hidden in the ingredient list.

When shopping for a keto breakfast cereal, be sure to read the labels - if you can find an option with no added flavours, preservatives or other funny business, you could be on to a good thing!

Our Superfood Breakfast Pouches include no added flavours, sugars, sweeteners or additives so you can trust you're enjoying real food nourishment from whole foods. 

The best keto breakfast cereals include:

  • Base of nuts and seeds
  • Whole food flavour from small quantities of low-carb fruits such as berries
  • Superfoods and spices for functional health benefits and nourishing flavour boosts

To make a quick keto granola at home:

  • Gently heat some macadamia oil or coconut oil in a frying pan
  • Stir in some chopped keto-friendly nuts like almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts
  • Gently toast the nuts and stir in some coconut flakes and seeds like hemp seeds
  • Add a sprinkle of Himalayan salt and a combinations of spices like cinnamon and vanilla and stir until fragrant before removing from the heat
  • Optional extras: cacao nibs, goji berries or freeze dried raspberries

6. Keto breakfast smoothie

Keto Breakfast Smoothie

If you're making your own keto smoothies, follow this formula:

As keto breakfast smoothies don't use banana, it can take a lot of trial and error to master your own recipes. To take the hassle out of the process, Craft Smoothie designs and delivers everything you need to make keto smoothies at home.

7. Keto breakfast sandwich

Keto Breakfast Sandwich

For a super quick keto breakfast, a keto breakfast sandwich is a no-fuss option and still allows room for variety.

  • Avocado and pesto
  • Avocado and dukkah
  • Avocado and hemp seeds
  • Pesto and tomato
  • Straight almond butter or peanut butter

If you're not following a 100% plant-based diet, some other options include:

  • Scrambled egg, avocado, lettuce and tomato
  • Hot smoked salmon, roast chicken (or any meat), avocado and kraut

As you can probably tell, we're all about the avocado when it comes to crafting the ultimate keto breakfast sandwich.

Ready to start experimenting with new keto breakfast recipes at home? For a no-fuss, 1-step-prep keto breakfast option delivered to your door, check out our range of Instant Superfood Breakfast Pouches.

We also offer a convenient keto subscription service so you can get your keto breakfast pouches automatically delivered on your schedule with the freedom to stop or cancel your subscription at any time. When you subscribe, you'll also get an instant 10% discount applied to your orders so it's the best way to give Craft Breakfast a try.

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